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Post by Ice on Tue May 01, 2012 8:24 am

General Site Rules

Every forum has its rules. So does Forum of Wolves.

- No outside links. Seek permission from an administrator before posting them. Only links from within this forum is allowed. Only appropriate links are allowed in the chatbox but you must seek permission from a moderator or administrator first.

- No advertising. If you want to be affiliated with Forum of Wolves, please contact the main administrator.

- Use proper grammar. You may have your own short-forms or abbreviation but not everyone may understand them.

- Be polite. You'll get more friends this way and no negative comments or cursing is allowed.

- Don't ask to be made a moderator or administrator. This will only lessen your chances. Earn the privilege.

- No inappropriate content. No flaming, harassing, profanity, abusive language etc. No discussions about religion, more adult topics or politics.

- No double posting. Every post must have a minimum of 3 words. No conversations either.

- Be active. If you won't be around for awhile, do inform an administrator or moderator. Inactive members will be deleted after not posting for three months.

- Stay on topic. This is to avoid spam. Have personal conversations via Private Messaging (PM).

Have fun on the forum!


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