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Surprise [Wild Fest Story Entry] Empty Surprise [Wild Fest Story Entry]

Post by Sock on Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:52 pm

The element of surprise.
That's what Sunny had taught her. The dark she cat tensed and pulled her back legs in tighter. The target, a pale yellow tomcat, drank slowly from the river. The she cat smirked and shifted her weight towards her rump. Her paws itched to get off the damp ground. She froze as the tom lifted his head up and licked his whiskers dry. His ears angled back, picking up the sound of the she cat's slow and quiet breathing.
Then the grey cat sprang for the sun. She stretched out her front limbs a few seconds before landing on the wet pebbles that occupied the river bank beneath her feet. She faced the yellow cat, feet spread in a wide stance. An unknown saltly scent exited her mouth as she huffed. The older cat snicked and tilted his head. "Nice to see you, Sorrel," he meowed in greeting. He stepped forward and let out a soft purr, only to be greeted by a long hiss.
"Benjamin, prepare yourself.." Sorrel snarled softly. She started to slowly uncover her sharpened claws from their hiding spot. Benjamin gaze was still focused on the she cat's grey and brown face and had not noticed the claws. Sorrel quickly raised her paw to the cat's face and hit him hard on the bridge of his nose. She smiled warmly at the tiny drops of blood that flecked her claws and stained Ben's face orange. Benjamin jumped back in surprise, flinging droplets of blood from his nose. He winced as water from the river sprayed his legs.
"What's with you?" he snapped at the patched attacker. Sorrel stared at him blankly and opened her jaws. She lunged for his leg and successfully bit into it. Dark blood oozed onto her muzzle and Ben's leg. Benjamin yowled and brought a hard blow down on Sorrel's back with his free paw. Sorrel screeched as she was thrust into the sharp pebbles. They pierced her like bramble thorns and caused his to bleed slightly. Benjamin reared up on his haunches and batted at Sorrel's back with unsheathed claws.
The short she cat cried out in pain. She reached up and clawed his exposed belly, causing him to fall to the ground. Sorrel, bloody and shaking, stood up. She loomed over the broken tomcat. He had fallen onto a slimy rock and slid into the river. Ben struggled to keep his head up but water still bubbled at the edge of his mouth. Sorrel took the time to drink in the moment as if it were the water from the river. The smell of blood, algae, and pine trees drifted into her nose. The metallic taste of pebbles still lingered in her mouth from when Benjamin attacked. She drowned out the sounds of rushing water and frogs croaking to focus on her opponent's waiks of agony.
"You will never kill me..." she hissed through red stained teeth. "Sunny told me your plans.. You will die, demon.!"
Then, with a sharp blow in the neck, Sorrel killed him.

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