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Post by Emerald on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:24 am

The young silver wolf by the name of Cherry, was scared. There was a fire right in front of her eyes, and it took away the life of her mom, her dad, her siblings, and probably around 10 others who lived nearby. The fire reflected in her eyes as she stood, unmoving. Cherry was as still as a statue. A flame licked her muzzle and that's when she snapped into reality. She stepped back, startled. "!!!" She screamed as she watched another wolf burn to death. Cherry's breaths were in short pants. The silver wolf's fur was covered with ashes. She turned and ran, hoping to get away. She found water, thankfully, and ran into it, not bothering to notice that a tree was about to fall down on her. The water washed her ash covered fur. Cherry yelped as the water touched her burned muzzle. The young wolf found a fish in the water, and swam toward it to catch the fish and eat it. Apparently, she had moved just in time. The tree fell into the small river that Cherry was swimming in. "Heather? Blossom? Raven? Shadow?" Cherry called, right before remembering their horrible death. Heather and Blossom were bringing back food for the family, and the fire started soon after.
"Mom, we got a deer!" Heather cheered. Blossom nodded. "Where's Shadow?" Blossom asked, looking around. A black wolf looked at them. "He went to get water, and hasn't returned." A silver and white wolf sighed.
"Dad, do you think..." Raven's voice trailed off.
"That's right son, I think he was killed." The black wolf replied, his voice sad. There was a scream from outside the cave that the family lived in. "FIRE!" A wolf screeched. The silver and white wolf picked Cherry up and placed her closer to their den and tried to get everyone else as well. The fire engulfed her and the remainder of the family watched the mother scream and burn. The siblings watched their dad try to help his mate, but no such luck happened as he was also burned.
"MOM! DAD!" Heather's eyes were watery. Blossom tried not to let the death of their parents bother her, but it was obviously bothering her littermate. The fire was coming closer.
"RUN!" Heather, Blossom, and Raven yelled to the young silver wolf. She nodded and saw the fire taking the lives of the last of her family.
Cherry sighed. 'That tree should've hit me.' She thought. 'My family is gone, and my homeland is destroyed. I have nothing to live for now...I guess I could go back to the fi- No. No no no no NO! Mom wouldn't want that, she gave her life to save the family, and Blossom, Heather, and Raven stayed to make sure I left...and Shadow's a definite goner.' Cherry stared at her reflection in the water. Most of her silver fur was burned off, and she had several burns that she hadn't noticed before. 'If a snake saw me, it would run away crying to it's mother.' Cherry frowned. She was going to have to cope with being alone, and maybe, just maybe, Shadow was still alive. The thought made hope flare in Cherry's eyes. 'Fire destroyed my family, but it gave me some hope.' Cherry made a small laughing noise. 'How ironic.' Cherry got out of the water, and started her new life.


Okay, here's da Author's Note. I probably have grammer and spelling errors. And it's probably cheesy as well. :/ I just had the weirdest urge to make a story/fanfic about fire.

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