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Post by Ice on Tue May 01, 2012 11:04 am

Wolf packs have their own ranking! Don't know what they are? Don't worry! If you want to be of a particular rank, send a Private Message (PM) to an administrator or moderator or post in the Help Section!

Alpha - The leader of the pack. Only one female and one male wolf can be an alpha and they must be mates.

Beta - The second highest ranking wolf of the pack. This position is normally for one wolf but sometimes there may be two of them. They help take charge of the pack when the alpha is not around.

Delta - The third highest ranking wolf of the pack. This position is only for one young wolf who trains to become the next future Beta.

Shaman - The healer of the pack. This position is only for one wolf and the Shaman is highly respected.

Guardians - Wolves that are generally large and strong are usually chosen to be Guardians. They help protect their pack and their territory well-guarded.

Scouts - Wolves that are generally small and fast are usually chosen to be Scouts. They patrol around their territory frequently and are the ones who keep intruders out of their territory.

Hunters - Most of the wolves become Hunters and they help to hunt for their pack.

Elders - These wolves are the oldest of the pack and their job is to pass on the laws of the pack for the young wolves.

Omega - The lowest ranking wolf in the pack. The omega always has the last share and is often looked down upon by the other wolves.

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