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[Announcement] Hello May! Empty [Announcement] Hello May!

Post by Ice on Wed May 09, 2012 11:54 am

Though this may be just a few days late... haha April has gone by so quickly and its now May! Not a very exciting month (for me) in school because of exams but it will be a great one on the forum! Very Happy

I still remember when this forum started on the 1st of May and now.. look, 9 days and there's already 40 members! Wow! I'm really glad for all your activeness! Let's make the forum an even better place!

Now for the announcements...

1) New moderator! We welcome Sock to the moderator ranks with Gracesong!

2) Phantom Pack is open! Experience the taste of true evilness!

3) Changes made to the forum widgets! Do often check out the news widget on the top right hand corner!

And last but not least, a warm welcome to the new members of the forum! Wink

- Ice

[Announcement] Hello May! Wolf_b11

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