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Owlcall: a fanfic for the Wildfest Empty Owlcall: a fanfic for the Wildfest

Post by Silverstorm on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:31 pm

This work is meant to be a full size book, so as I doubt I have the time or room on this post to include all it, I have decided just to enter the prologue into the Fest. Enjoy! Very Happy

The night was cold and crisp. Stars sparkled overhead, tiny welcome and warm specks in a cool and distant inky black sky. The moon was a pale silver orb floating peacefully in a speckled black sea. Its bright light illuminated four fresh fox-lengths of clean snow, packed against the lifeless ground and balancing on thin brittle twigs and solid flaky brown branches. The ghostly light highlighted the crisp frost clinging tightly to the pine tree bark. In a clearing near the edge of this beautiful forest, pure white snow shone and sparkled on the ground.
And from deep within the woods, and owl hooted. The call echoed off the trees, bouncing off branches that had been stripped of their leaves many moons before. She waited. And waited.
Suddenly, from another snow-blanketed slope, an answer came to her - albeit a faint one, but definitely a returning call. The owl stretched, displaying beautiful dark brown mottled bronze feathers, a fluffy gray face, deep eyes that were pools full of feeling, and gleaming silver talons that glistened in the silver light. She breathed out, breath frosting the freezing air before her. Gracefully, she extendeed her large, slightly snow-encrusted wings and took off into th winter night.
Owlclan did not know that one of its members had gone to meet an outsider. And it was doubtful that she would return.

Only two skylengths up the stony mountain, Ratstar, leader of Hawkclan, was having a dream.
He was soaring, past the cold fresh stream, over the half frozen lake. It was night, and the calm coldness was eerie. Tilting his head to get a better look at the small barely liquid patch close to the island, he dipped until droplets rolled onto his feathers.
Out of nowhere, a cruel icy talon hooked him and dragged him under. Choking, Ratstar thrashed in the water until he discovered he could breathe. [loser, lol] Ratstar righted himself and stared into the ghostly faces of a band of pale birds glaring at him through the mud. Then their leader, a skinny hawk, spoke.
"I am Death." The grating voice sent shivers through Ratstar. "Join with me and we shall rule the forest. I can vanish your darkest fears and make your greatest dreams come true. I can give you the whole world." Ratstar could see himself flying with his mate Nightsnow, only instead of the bone-thin condition they were in now, the two hawks were well-fed and warm.
Ratstar hesitated. Could he trust this stranger who offered such great prizes? It was tempting to have the world to himself. And yet the strange hawk's name was Death, which could not be a good sign. He even looked sinister... but Ratstar's thoughts of wealth and power killed any remaining doubts. "I accept."
"Then come." As Ratstar floated forward, his mind unexpectedly blanked - but not before he experienced all his memories in a flash. Then he BECAME the ghostly hawk, seeing through his eyes at his band of birds. A single thought flashed through the ghost hawk's mind - A job well done - before darkness smothered Ratstar, a dangerous darkness from which he may never emerge again.
Little did Ratstar know that every single member of Hawkclan, elders and newborns included, was having the exact same dream.

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